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Our monthly email newsletter, The Marketplace MasterTM, provides marketing and management leaders of professional service firms with short articles on strategic marketing and other PSF management topics.

We include links to articles we publish in industry-specific publications, and also link to specific posts in our blog, The Expertise Marketplace.

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Past Issues

December 2007 A Year of Doing Things Differently - The 2007 Thank You Issue
November 2007 Doing Things Differently – Using Budgets Proactively to Evolve a Professional Firm’s Marketing Program
October 2007 Doing Things Differently - Orchestrating Improvements in Professional Service Marketing Processes
September 2007 Doing Things Differently - Reinventing the Marketing and Sales Function at Professional Service Firms
August 2007 Doing Things Differently – How Executive Education is Preparing Professional Services Firm Leaders to Compete More Effectively
July 2007 Doing Things Differently - Service Portfolio Management with Yoh's Jim Lanzalotto
June 2007 Doing Things Differently - An Example from Thornton Tomasetti
May 2007 "Contribution," not "Credit" - Social Networking with BCG's Bill Matassoni
April 2007 Doing Things Differently - No More Spinning Wheels!
March 2007 Doing Things Differently - Marketer on a Mission
February 2007 Doing Things Differently – Showcasing "professional bravery" to get closer to clients
January 2007 Doing Things Differently
December 2006 The Thank You Issue
November 2006 The Problem of Defining Professional Services Marketing Expertise
October 2006 Leadership Legacies in Professional Services: Distinguishing Your Goals from the Expectations of Others
September 2006 How will Marketing be Led in the Professional Service Firm of Tomorrow?
August 2006 Insights on Blogging for Professional Services Marketers
July 2006 The State of Cross-Selling in Professional Service Firms
June 2006 Targeting and Segmentation in Professional Service Firms
May 2006 Measuring Your Top Marketing Strategies
April 2006 Five Goals for Chief Marketing Officers of Professional Service Firms
March 2006 Spotlight on Benchmarking - Findings from New Research on Increasing Marketing Effectiveness at Professional Firms
February 2006 What's Fueling the Competitive Intelligence Fire?
January 2006 Competitive Intelligence at Professional Firms: The Blind Leading the Blind?
December 2005 Keeping Cool When the Marketplace Starts to Boil
November 2005 ACNielsen Marketing Measurement Case Study
October 2005 Methods of Measuring Marketing ROI
September 2005 Does Your Firm Measure Up?
August 2005 Don't Bore Me With Your Blog
July 2005 L.E.K. – A Consulting Case Study on Account Planning and Relationship Management
June 2005 Mastering Professional Service Firm Account Management
May 2005 Investing in Account Management
April 2005 Harness Your Firm's Personality to Compete More Effectively
March 2005 What is Your Firm's Cultural DNA?
February 2005 Is Your Firm's Culture Part of its Marketplace Strategy?
January 2005 Master Your Marketplace by Looking Forwards and Backwards
December 2004 Why Aren’t More Professional Service Firms Researching Client Perceptions?
November 2004 Get Closer to Clients with Data Mining
October 2004 Data Mining - Competitively Smart, or Not Worth the Effort?
September 2004 Break out of the Pack
August 2004 The Top 10 Differentiation Approaches
July 2004 Why Differentiate Your Firm?
June 2004 What is Marketplace Mastery?
May 2004 11 Questions for Marketplace Masters


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Marketplace Masters: How Professional Service Firms Compete to Win by Suzanne Lowe

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